Our Mission

Empowering mothers through meaningful connections.

Did you know?

64% of moms feel friendless

Over 90% of women suffer from some form of the “baby blues”

Why Join?

SocialMama is an authentic community for moms to connect, where they can find meaningful friendship with zero mom-shaming. Our moms have access to experts in all-things motherhood, from fertility to mental health, to answer their burning questions and learn from expert-led resources. 

Our Story

A few years ago, Amanda Ducach and her husband got a call from their best friend, who was sitting in an ER next to her two-year-old child that had just received a new medical diagnosis. Their friend felt isolated and overwhelmed. Amanda knew that she needed to be introduced to another mom nearby to talk to; someone who had walked a similar path and could show her the light at the end of the tunnel. Amanda and her husband Vish formally launched SocialMama in early 2019 to connect like-minded mothers for friendship and support.

 mamas support mamas 

Let's Change Lives

 The SocialMama community is invaluable to moms facing real problems because it is free to download and easy to use. It is now a necessity in the lives of all moms today. 

- Amanda Ducach, CEO 

The Team

Amanda Ducach - Chief Mama

Vishrut Sharma - Chief Techie 

Karishma Patel - Head Product Chick

Brianna VanSoest - Marketing & Analytics Guru

Kavya Pernankil - Branding & Marketing Wizard

Chris Scudellari - Advisor & Accounting Genius 

Brooke Bains - Superstar Leadership Advisor

Bianca Bucaram - Queen of PR

Dylan Senderling - Master of Tech & Security


 To all the women out there,

Motherhood is hard enough as it is. Feeling isolated and unsupported are things mothers should never have to deal with. Nothing matters to us more than our mission, to empower mothers through meaningful connections. We work hard everyday towards this goal. Join our diverse community today, we welcome you with open arms.


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