Maternity Must-Have List: The Products You'll Love for Pregnancy and Beyond

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

This article was originally posted on Work & Mother, by Sarah Beth Amini, who is expecting her first child in August 2020.

As a first time mom, there are no words to describe the excitement of this season of preparing for my first child. Coupled with the excitement of this season is also the overwhelming amount of information I have found myself trying to wade through and decide what to consume and what not to consume. From family and friends to the apps I have downloaded to educate myself on pregnancy and more, there are endless possibilities for receiving product recommendations and advice. 

Now that I am in my third trimester and the arrival of this sweet baby is on the horizon, I can look back and confidently say what recommendations have actually proven to be life-savers. 

1. Lake Maternity Pajamas and Robe

Game changer. I have essentially been a self proclaimed brand ambassador for LAKE pajamas since a friend introduced them to me about a year ago. When I got pregnant, the first thing I did was order their maternity pajamas and a robe because I knew I would be living in both of these. And I have. The maternity pajama tops can also be used for nursing as they have buttons down the front so these can last you well past pregnancy.

2. Soapwalla Resilience Body Oil

When I first announced I was pregnant, almost immediately I was warned about stretch marks and told how to prevent them. I decided to go on my own fact finding mission and landed on this amazing belly oil to start using from day one to prepare my skin. It smells amazing and soaks in easily – perfect for morning and night! 

3. Ikea Sniglar Crib

I thought I would want to splurge on a nice crib when I started looking, but quickly found myself drawn to this stylish but simple crib from Ikea. Coming in at only $79…yes…I said that right, $79, I couldn’t say no! This allowed me to free up some of my nursery budget to splurge on a nice glider instead. Pro tip: watch this video before attempting to assemble. The assembly instructions are oddly hidden in a spot I would not have known to look. Thankfully a friend who has the same crib sent me this video before we built it.

4. BLANQI Everyday Maternity Belly Support Girlshort

For a Texas girl having a baby in August, I don’t know how I could make it through the summer heat without these. As soon as I put them on, I texted a friend, who is also pregnant, telling her to purchase them immediately because my bump could finally breathe! They are great for almost all occasions – working out, wearing around the house or throwing on a cute top and sneakers to dress them up when running around town.

5. Any Gap Maternity Breathe apparel

I had a sweet friend lend me a couple of her Gap Maternity Breathe tops when my pre-pregnancy tops stopped fitting and I fell in love with them. The cut is perfect and the fabric is soft and breathable. There is nothing better than finally feeling cute in a maternity top after one too many attempts to make your pre-pregnancy apparel fit and feel good.

6. Lululemon Align Leggings

I actually owned these leggings before getting pregnant and they were already my favorite pair, but little did I know how perfect they would be for pregnancy. The waistband is tall and has a lot of stretch. Being seven months pregnant, I can still wear the same pair and size I had pre-pregnancy which fee