Meet Our MentorMamas

MentorMamas are seasoned mothers who exist on the platform to facilitate friendship and deliver on our mission of a safe & judgement-free community. 

Interested in joining our tribe?

Magen Pastor

Magen is an experienced business marketing executive, passionate about connecting individuals together for a shared purpose. Magen is an LGBT+ mom to middle school-aged twin girls currently residing in both Denver and Houston.

Ana Rojas Bastidas

Ana is a mom of three originally from Bogota, Colombia and is Founder/CEO of a startup called Orolait, a line of breastfeeding-friendly swimwear. When not working on the business, she talks body positivity for mamas as PowerToPrevail

Amanda Vlastas

Amanda is the of two boys and founder of West University Moms, a website and blog part of The Local Moms Network, a one-stop-shop platform for Houston resources and activities.

Arushi Garg

Arushi is a marketing strategist and mom of one son. She runs The Snazzy Mommy blog and Instagram, where she shares fashion, photography, sports, board games, baking and of course motherhood.

Luisa Ferdnanda Nadarajah

Luisa Fernanda has a beautiful son named Kris. She is a 34 year-old fashion design student, philanthropist, and MFAH award winner.

Jessica Brassington

Jessica Brassington is a wife, mom, and entrepreneur constantly seeking new ways to incorporate less processed beauty, food, and health into her hectic schedule. She is the host of Naked Talk with Jess podcast.

Amanda Olson VanderStelt

Amanda is the blogger behind Houston New Moms, a teacher, traveler and a mom of four boys. Being a new mom is tough, and Amanda is all about making sure mom have each other’s backs.

Emily Franics McAdams

Emily has two daughters, 4 and 2 years-old, and to say she was unprepared for becoming a mama is the biggest understatement of 2015.  She currently owns Paper Street Crossfit in Houston and a boutique DIY craft store called AR Workshop Pearland, TX. 

Sarah Couch

Sarah is a happily married, stay at home mother of five; she enjoys helping other mamas navigate through the tough stuff.

Arrica Afton

Arrica is a single mama of two. As an American/Latina/Muslim/business woman, Arrica is also passionate about shining a light on what society thinks the “average Muslim woman” is and should be.

Shannah Quinn

Shannah Quinn was born and raised in Kansas but has been a Houstonian for 15 years. She is a mom to two busy kiddos and is co-owner and manager of the Social Graces Social Club in Houston, TX.

Christine McNabb

Christine is a mom of four and the founder of This Mama Wines, a digital magazine working to ensure all women feel supported and empowered through motherhood. She is a major player in postpartum depression advocacy and awareness.

Crystal Duffy

Crystal Duffy is a native Houstonian, author, and high school English teacher. She’s also the Mother of three little girls including a set of twins. 

Jennifer Perez Medina

Jennifer Perez Medina is the  founder of The Socially Connected, a consulting firm that focuses on strategic marketing for female-owned businesses.  Jennifer loves spending time with her husband and two children.

Jaclynn Taylor Moss

Jaclynn is a mother and creator of successful Facebook groups in the Houston area for moms to share information, get advice, and engage in robust conversation, most notably the Woodlands Mom’s and Woodlands Voice groups.

Sarah Diehl

Sarah is the mother of two beautiful girls and lives in a beautiful & quirky small town on a lake with her dogs, cats, and her husband, Chase. She is a photographer in her spare time.

Holliann Barry

Holliann Barry is a military wife currently stationed in San Francisco. She has a culinary degree and is passionate about food and health. Holliann recently enrolled into another nutrition program that will focus on pregnancy, postpartum and baby nutrition.

Krystal Schuhmann

Krystal is a wife and proud mom of two girls. She’s a Mompreneur and Visionary. Her hobbies include writing poetry, DIY projects and she loves the beach. 

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